5 Myths about Temporary Staffing – Busted!

As an employer, you may have hesitancies about signing on with a temporary staffing firm to meet your 2015 hiring goals. But in the wake of the recent global recession have come a number of changes in how business is done – and it’s time to debunk the myths about using temporary workers to achieve your objectives.

Myth #1: Temporary workers are fine, but only in low-level jobs.

The fastest growing area of temporary employment is in professional and technical occupations.

  • Via temporary staffing, you can access highly skilled employees with specialized expertise. For instance, in the accounting industry, temp roles can range from bookkeeper to CFO.
  • Temporary staffing firms enable you to recruit A-level talent. They handle the preliminary work, including surfing through countless resumes, and send only the best of the best your way to complete both immediate and long-term assignments.

Myth #2: Temporary workers are less reliable than permanent hires.

An ever-increasing number of individuals are opting to work as temporary employees. Their track records of dependability, teamwork and commitment parallel their educational and professional qualifications. If you’re working with the right staffing partner, you won’t have to question the reliability of your temp hires.

  • Research has shown that on average, temporary workers display better performance relative to business goals than their full-time counterparts. Those who are later hired on as full-time employees continue to be better workers once they’re permanently on board.

Myth #3: Temporary positions are a last resort for candidates who can’t find permanent jobs.

Many highly qualified individuals actively seek out temporary jobs. For some, temp work is a bridge to a permanent position. For others, it’s a chance to experience a variety of projects and work environments. And others simply want to optimize work/life balance.

  • Just as you want to assess individuals before hiring them permanently, they want to evaluate you and your company culture. Temporary-to-hire staffing is a win-win, as both parties have a trial period to ensure that the job is a good fit.

Myth #4: Temporary staffing agencies are too expensive.

If you build the right ongoing relationship with your staffing partner, you’ll quickly realize a robust ROI – saving yourself the time and expense of hiring additional internal recruiters.

  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes. The cost of a bad hire can be up to three times a person’s first-year salary. Add to this the negative impact on morale, productivity and possibly even customer service: priceless factors that you can’t afford to sacrifice.
  • Minimize head count. Temporary employees work for your staffing agency, not you. This relieves you of the costs associated with full-time employment – and your head count remains unchanged.

Myth #5: Temporary staffing firms don’t know my business.

The right staffing firm for you is the one with extensive expertise in hiring for your specific business and industry. So you should shop around, but once you find one, your recruitment partner will enhance your business knowledge.

  • A staffing firm’s niche expertise optimizes your chance of landing top talent. They understand you, as well as their candidates. They have access to passive job seekers, those who don’t actively job hunt but are typically in the professional networks of good staffing firms. Passive candidates are typically ranked among the top 5 to 10 percent in their fields for performance and on-the-job success.

If you’ve been on the fence about temporary staffing this year, contact the team at Employment Professionals Canada to learn more about how it may be just the right solution for you. And here’s to business success in 2015!