3 Ways You Should (and Shouldn’t) Handle a Job Interview Mistake

Everyone is nervous in job interviews. Interviewers are aware of this and they do make allowances if you are open and honest. So don’t panic if you make a mistake. There are several ways to recover. Here are just three.

Act Quickly

If you realize your mistake during the course of the interview, correct it right away. Let the interviewer know that you misspoke and tell him what you meant to say. For example, if you said that you were with a company for five years instead of three, say so. That way the interviewer will know that you made an honest mistake and were not attempting to deceive.

Don’t let it a single error spoil the entire interview. Once you have apologized, just move on. If you dwell on it you’ll be distracted for the remainder of the interview and won’t do as well as you could have.

Follow Up

If you realize after the fact that you made an error, send a follow-up email to clarify. Address the mistake briefly and go on to thank the hiring manager and reiterate the points that make you suitable for the position. The follow-up email gives you the opportunity to correct any negative impression you may have left and hopefully put yourself back into consideration for the role.

Don’t ramble or make a big deal of the mistake, just address it and go on, like the professional that you are.

Try Again

If you really feel like you tanked the interview, if you weren’t feeling well or made substantial missteps, ask for another shot. It’s not common for companies to allow interviewees to have a do-over, but if you performed badly, it can’t hurt to try.

Don’t stop looking. As long as you recognize your mistakes, you can avoid making the same ones. Learn from every experience. Even the worst interview can serve as practice for the next.

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