Employed? Why You Should Still Speak with a Recruiter

When you’re not in the market for a new job, the last thing on your mind may be taking the time to speak with a recruiter. However, there are several reasons why building a relationship with a recruiter can make sense for even the most happily employed professional.

Dust off the cobwebs. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your resume, ironed your lucky interview shirt or met with a hiring manager, why not take advantage of the opportunity? The recruiter can conduct a preliminary interview with you and make suggestions to polish your interviewing skills. Better to practice now than when you really need or want a new job.

Build your network. Recruiting professionals know a lot of people. They know who’s hiring, who the real decision makers are, and can put you in touch with the right people. Even if you don’t need the connections now, you may be able to help a friend. Why not make the time for a quick phone call or coffee meeting now, when there is no pressure?

Take the marketplace temperature. Do you know what you’re worth? You may be happy with your current compensation, but the economy has changed. Your skills may be more in demand and could have increased in value. A recruiter experienced in your field can benchmark your current salary against those in similar positions. Armed with this information you can consider your options, including interviewing for new positions or just asking for a raise.

Keep your options open. Even if you like your current job, your dream job could still be out there. Tell the recruiter your career goals, no matter how outlandish or ambitious they may be, and ask him to keep an eye out for opportunities that match.

Reevaluate your career path. Choose a recruiter who really knows your field. He can provide perspectives and opportunities you may not have thought of on your own. There may be industries ripe for your skills and experience that you might not have thought to approach.

You might be pleasantly surprised. Opportunity often comes when you least expect it. When you are happily employed, you bring a confidence that you may not have when you really need a job. Who knows, with a little guidance from a recruiter you may get an offer that you just can’t refuse.

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