5 Tips to Help You Find a Job in the Industrial Sector in Canada

Looking for an industrial sector job? There are plenty to be found, but how can you ensure that you find the best one for you? Take a more thoughtful approach to your search to maximize your income and create a career that will serve you for many years.

  1. Boost your skills. The more skills you have to offer, the more employers will be interested in you. Volunteer to take on new challenges. Employers appreciate people who are willing to pitch in as needed and don’t mind hard work.
  2. Get certified. Candidates who have the certifications that are required for specific roles will increase their job options. Take a look at job openings in your area and see what certifications are most in demand. Common needs are for forklift drivers or truck drivers. See what is involved in acquiring a certification or license in a field that interests you.
  3. Learn a trade. The next step up is a greater investment of time and money, but it is likely to pay off in the long run. In-demand trades include welding, electrical or plumbing. Do your homework before committing. Welders may have to work in hot environments; electricians often work at heights or in tight spaces; plumbers face a variety of difficult work conditions. Be sure that you have the temperament it takes to succeed in your chosen trade.
  4. Don’t burn bridges. Earn a reputation as a hard worker. Give plenty of notice if you leave a job. Never give an employer a reason to give you a poor reference. No matter how great you look on paper or how well you interview, if a previous employer can’t recommend you enthusiastically, it can be tough to land a great job.
  5. Work with a recruiter. Have you thought about all the ways that a recruiter can help you with your career? They can do a lot of the legwork for you in your job search; find you the best places to work, prepare you for interviews, give you a heads-up on jobs that aren’t posted anywhere.

If you have never worked with a recruiter before or if you are looking for a great job in Ontario, contact Employment Professionals Canada. We can help you find the right job for you in the industrial sector.