Ontario’s (Unofficial) Job Searching Guide

It’s the start of a brand new year. What better time to ramp up your job search strategy as 2016 gets further under way? Use these guidelines as you focus your energy into landing your dream job this year:

Create a “hot list.”

Target your search by listing the top companies you would love to work for. Use this as the focus of your 2016 job hunt.

  • Consider the companies whose products, services, culture and location capture who you are and where you see yourself in the future. With a clear eye on what defines your ideal opportunity, you can zero in on roles that are right for you as they come across your radar.

Use your connections.

Reach out to each and every viable connection that you have, both on- and offline. They may be able to inform you of job opportunities that aren’t even advertised. These are often the best jobs on the market – and having inside access to them gives you an instant leg up on your competition.

  • Build your network. In addition to your existing connections, reach out and make new ones. Your tactics may include widening your LinkedIn network and attending more industry conferences, meetings and seminars.
  • Have coffee, lunch or a drink with your contacts. Learn more about their companies, establish or rebuild personal rapport, and glean invaluable advice on what they look for when they are hiring. Plus, get the inside track on any future openings.

Maximize your social media presence.

Get your personal brand out there by optimizing your social media presence.

  • Don’t be generic when on LinkedIn. To connect with people you don’t know personally but with whom you have a common link, use the People You May Know feature. Personalize your LinkedIn invitations to connect by adding your own note telling why it would be beneficial to both of you to connect.
  • Now, go beyond LinkedIn. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest … and any specific platforms where you can target your search to the right decision makers.

Rock your current job.

Make yourself as marketable as possible by raising your performance level in your current role.

  • Take on more responsibilities. Increase your visibility and rack up notable achievements. Don’t “check out” just because you’ve decided to look elsewhere. On the contrary, raise your game so you enhance your value.

The recruitment team at Employment Professionals Canada is committed to your success as you step up your job search efforts in 2016. We’ll provide the individual attention you need to achieve your ongoing career goals – starting right now. For more information, contact us or browse our job board to view open positions in Ontario today!