4 Signs Your Internal HR Team Needs Some Outside Help

Companies sometimes see outside staffing firms as unnecessary or a sign that their in-house HR department is not doing its job. However, an external agency should be viewed as a natural extension of your internal hiring team – not a threat or a competitor.

In today’s economy, it’s likely that your internal HR pros are tightly squeezed for time and resources. According to a recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management, the head count for an average HR department fell from 13 to nine during a one-year period between 2007 and 2008. The global recession is over now, but most organizations have not increased staffing significantly, if at all. As noted by SHRM, “HR departments are under pressure like never before.”

Here are four signs that your company might benefit from outside HR and staffing assistance:

Long Time to Fill

Research shows that approximately 40 percent of jobs are filled within 30 days. If your HR team falls short of this mark, there’s a 57 percent chance that a job will sit open for three months or longer. If you notice a trend of positions remaining unfilled for lengthy periods, it’s time to step in and provide assistance.

Top talent won’t wait around to hear from you. The most in-demand candidates are gone from the market within 10 business days. Your hiring process must move quickly and efficiently, maintaining constant candidate communication throughout.

High Turnover Rates

Hiring the wrong person is a painful and costly mistake to make. Working with a reputable staffing agency gives your HR team more time to focus on their core competencies, rather than tie up their time on posting jobs, completing initial resume screens, and handling background checks and other routine tasks.

Your hiring managers’ and executives’ time is used wisely, as they meet and interview only high-quality candidates. Your agency’s database and extensive industry networks give you access to a pool of talent with the specific skills, experience and personality you’re looking for.

An Obsolete Onboarding Process

Sixty-six percent of new hires are more likely to remain with a company for at least three years if they participate in a successful onboarding program. Simply having a program is not sufficient. If your HR team has not had time to update it, your onboarding process may actually become a deterrent to new hires.

Low Morale

HR leads the charge in making your company a great place to work. If your employees are distracted, disengaged or unmotivated, this should send up a red flag. Find out what’s causing the change and take steps to help your HR team.

  • Unhappy employees are inefficient and unproductive. Often, they don’t stay in a job very long. You may want to begin improvements with an employee engagement survey, followed by ongoing pulse surveys, focus groups and related steps.

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