Should You Relocate for a Job?

Landing a new tech job comes with excitement and some challenges. That excitement and those challenges are amplified with the prospect of relocating to a new city or town. Weighing the pros and cons of relocating for a job can be stressful, so it is important to know which questions to ask yourself to make the right decision.  

The Money Factor 

Money doesn’t always translate to happiness or job satisfaction, but it is an important factor when weighing new opportunities. Does the new job offer a significant raise? Will your money go farther in your new city or will the cost of living increase? How will your partner’s salary and job prospects be impacted? These are all important items to weigh when deciding whether to relocate for a job, and the answers will be determined by your priorities, circumstances and needs.  

The Tech Community Factor  

If career advancement is important to you, you’ll need to ask yourself some critical questions. While tech is a hot field and it seems like there are an endless array of opportunities, relocating to a place without many future tech opportunities could be risky. While you can hope your job will last forever, odds are slim this will be your final career destination. Do some research about the city you’d be relocating to and get a feel for long-term career opportunities.  

The Personal Factor  

While you will spend more time at work than you will at home, the quality of your personal life matters. If you’re moving to a city notorious for gridlock, you could be stuck with a nightmare commute, even if you live close to work. Being far away from friends and family can have a big impact on your daily attitude and outlook. Your ability to make new friends and develop a support system can also impact your overall satisfaction with your life.  

If you have a partner and a family, these questions should also be applied to their lives. Everyone should be on board with the change and it should have a net positive impact on your entire household. Even if a job advances your career, you won’t be happy if it doesn’t lead to a happy and healthy personal life.  

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