Don’t Overlook Recent Grads For Open Jobs

It is easy to understand why employers want to hire candidates with at least some professional experience, but in a tight job market, savvy employers are reframing their approach. When good candidates are hard to find, it could pay dividends to relax your experience requirements and focus on hiring enthusiastic, trainable recent graduates for open jobs.

Recent Graduates Haven’t Formed Bad Habits

One of the biggest benefits of hiring recent graduates is the ability to train them your way.  They will learn your methods, your processes, your best practices. With a recent grad, you won’t ever hear, “at my last job, we did it this way.” You don’t have to fix bad habits or help them unlearn old methods. Recent grads can be moulded to fit your company’s way of doing things which can be a big advantage.

Recent Graduates Are Passionate

Remember when you were passionate and enthusiastic about entering the job market? Nothing quite compares to the energy of a person who has recently completed their education and is anxious to get started in their profession. Yes, young people often get a bad rap for being lazy or entitled, but the reality is, most recent grads want to dive in and get to work and prove themselves on the job.

Young People Are Natural Brand Ambassadors

Not all recent graduates are young – many working adults go back to school to finish degrees they started years ago or to enter new fields. But when you do hire younger recent graduates, you get the advantage of their social media savvy. Young people are used to sharing their entire lives on social media – and that will extend to work. If they love where they are working, they will happily use social media to brag about their job and your company, which can help attract other talented people and boost your employer brand.

New Graduates Are Tech Savvy

Again, not all recent grads are young, but when you do hire a young person, you are hiring someone with a natural aptitude for technology. Young people today grew up not only with computers but with mobile devices. They have a knack for picking up new software quickly. This means it doesn’t take as long to train them on systems, it also means they can assist other workers who may be struggling, and they can help facilitate change when new systems are implemented.

Are You Ready To Hire The Next Generation of Talent?

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