Explaining Job Hopping On Your Resume

Hopping from one job to another isn’t uncommon in today’s world, especially if you are in the early stages of your career. However, at some point, job hopping can become a liability. Healthcare employers can view your work history unfavourably if you have held a lot of healthcare jobs over a few years. If you have been a job hopper in the past, use these tips to explain it to hiring managers.

Address The Situation Honestly

It does little good to avoid acknowledging your lengthy work history. The best course of action is to be upfront and honest about the situation. Healthcare hiring managers certainly understand extenuating circumstances and can look past job-hopping if you have valid explanations. Be honest about situations like:

  • Layoffs: As healthcare budgets and needs shift, it’s common for newer employees to be laid off. If you were let go due to a layoff, say so. No one will hold it against you.
  • Building skills: Sometimes, the only way to get new responsibilities or use new skills is to find a new job. If you are pursuing a specialty and needed to make some moves to realize that pursuit, explain that path to the hiring manager.
  • Short-term assignments: Perhaps you were a travel nurse for a few years, or maybe you worked per diem or some other short-term assignments. Make these very clear on your resume. Use the phrases “travel nurse,” “contract nurse,” or “per diem,” so it’s clear to the hiring manager what was going on.
  • Solidifying your path: You might have used job-hopping to learn whether you prefer fast-paced, high-pressure environments or the slower pace of private practice. Talk about the benefits that that exposure has brought to your career.

Address the situation up-front and recognize how it looks to a hiring manager. Explain that you understand that they are looking to hire someone permanently, and then describe the reasons why you are willing to stick it out for the long haul with their organization.

How Not To Explain Job Hopping

While you do want to be honest, you don’t want to say something that will get you immediately knocked out of the running for a great job. First and foremost, do not blame previous employers. You may have actually had very bad luck with previous jobs, but complaining reflects poorly on you, no matter the circumstances. Never speak ill of a past employer.

Also, do not say that you are chasing larger paychecks. Looking for a higher salary is understandable, but if you focus too much on pay, the hiring manager may think you will move on if another opportunity comes along that pays more.

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