New to Canada? If You’re Paying a Recruiter to Help You Find Work You NEED to Read This

Welcome to Canada! (Bienvenue au Canada!) 

Those who move to Canada have a number of immediate concerns, one of the biggest of which is to find work that fits their experience and career goals. Finding work as a new Canadian resident poses some challenges you may not have faced in previous job searches, and the COVID-19 pandemic has added its own twists to the process. 

Despite these challenges, it’s possible to find a job you’ll love. Working with a recruiter can be a good first step. Here’s what you’ll need to know: 

Your recruiter can help you acclimate to Canadian hiring culture. 

Some aspects of job-seeking in Canada are similar to those in the United States and other countries. Others are very different.  

To connect with Canadian employers, you’ll need to understand Canada’s conventions when it comes to resumes, cover letters, recommendations, and interviewing. Your recruiter can provide advice on adapting your approach to Canadian employers’ expectations, so the employer can focus on your skills and experience.  

Canadian connections can help. 

When making a first impression in any setting, it helps if someone can introduce you. Finding your first job in Canada is no different. Recommendations from colleagues or past employers with ties to Canada can help you establish your connection to the country and underscore your desire to work here. 

If you don’t have any Canadian recommenders, don’t worry – instead, get the strongest recommendations you can. Glowing references from those familiar with your field and your work can help establish your credibility. Your recruiter can help you make connections as well. 

Securing the legal status to work in Canada is your responsibility. 

Your recruiter can help you connect with jobs and employers that offer a good fit for your skills, but your recruiter is not an immigration expert. To ensure you’re legally allowed to work for a Canadian employer, you’ll need to stay on top of legal requirements and deadlines for your visa and any other needed documents. Consider working with a lawyer who specialises in immigration and employment issues if you need extra help.  

If you’re new to Canada, don’t be afraid to reach out! The recruiters at Employment Professionals Canada can help you orient yourself to your new home and start thinking about your career. Contact us today to learn more.