DE&I Needs to be a Conscious Effort in 2022…Here’s Why

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) have been concerns for Canadian employers for some time. In 2022, companies will need to put these priorities front and centre.

Here’s why your organisation’s DE&I efforts will need to be priorities in the coming year:

DE&I has become a worker demand, not a request.

For several years, companies have thought of diversity, equity, and inclusion as “nice to have” items. They’ve been treated as perks or cultural flourishes to attract new talent.

The more employees have been promised strong DE&I efforts, however, they more they have come to expect them. Today, workers are holding their employers accountable for meeting these goals – by leaving when an organisation’s culture does not reflect its promises. To address turnover, walking the talk on DE&I is a must.

Customers expect an accounting, too.

2021 saw a number of changes in public perception of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and of how companies perform as citizens when it comes to supporting meaningful DE&I efforts. In 2022, customers are joining employees in demanding that businesses show that they’ve done what they said they would do.

Whether it’s providing information about donations to DE&I-related causes, creating inclusion policies, or diversifying leadership, customers expect to see companies doing the work they have talked about in the past. Customers don’t want flashy inclusion campaigns or celebrity endorsements – they want real change.

Employees see inclusion as a work issue.

The pandemic taught employees that they no longer have to be unhappy on the job. Remote work opportunities mean that employees can find a wealth of new options for work without having to uproot their families. If they don’t experience inclusion and equity on teams that encompass a diverse range of life paths, they will find a team that offers these things

For many years, companies have treated diversity, equity, and inclusion as benefits to the organisation’s bottom line. Now, DE&I are also essential to keeping employees engaged with one another and with their work.

A diverse, equitable, and inclusive team provides numerous benefits to the company it supports and represents. At Employment Professionals Canada, we specialise in helping our clients build a diverse workforce that embraces challenges with resilience. To learn more, contact us today.