How Far Ahead Do the Best Managers Plan Their Hiring Outlook?

The hiring process can be a headache for both candidates and companies looking for talent. To minimize stress and avoid unnecessary delays, many managers want to plan ahead. Yet how far ahead does a manager need to plan? What’s the optimal time frame, and what constitutes unnecessary over planning that may be obsolete when the time comes?

Every company has its own sweet spot when it comes to planning their hiring outlook.

Here are several factors to consider when planning ahead for hiring:

1. Are you clinging to outdated ideas about hiring?

 Many companies unnecessarily extend the hiring process because they believe that if they just wait a few more days, or interview a few more candidates, they’ll find the ideal hire.

In fact, top talent rarely stays on the market for long. Companies that close the hiring deal efficiently are more likely to get a “yes” from a top performer before that person can be offered a position at a competing company. Examine how quickly top performers are hired in your industry and tailor your hiring outlook to that time frame.

2. How much do you lose when a role remains vacant?

Finding good talent is an expense, so managers have an incentive to find the best person available. Yet a drawn-out hiring process is expensive too.

Every day a role remains open, your organization loses the productivity that a worker filling that role would otherwise provide. You also lose productivity in adjacent roles, as people with overlapping skill sets are forced to put down some of their own work in order to cover essential tasks related to the open role. Balance the lost value of an open role against the need to hire good talent when deciding how far ahead to plan your hiring.

3. Do you have support?

 Efficient hiring plans consider which parties are the best equipped to handle certain tasks. Include a recruiter when planning your hiring outlook. Your recruiter can look through resumes, check references, and recommend the best candidates, so that you can focus on getting to know top talent and choosing the right member for your team.

Craft a hiring plan with us

The best hiring doesn’t happen by accident. Rather, it’s the result of a plan. To learn more about planning your hiring outlook and attracting top talent, contact the recruiters at Employment Professionals Canada today.