Do Employee Motivational Programs Boost Productivity and Morale?

On seeing productivity slump and moods turn sour, many managers blame the situation on a lack of motivation. To fix it, they turn to various motivational programs in order to boost morale and encourage greater productivity and engagement at work.

Do these programs do the job managers want them to do?

Benefits to Motivational Programs

Research suggests that employee incentive programs can increase interest in work and willingness to put more effort toward a goal. Other benefits of a well-managed motivational program include

  • Communicating and emphasising key values in the organisation and on the team.
  • Setting landmarks and guidelines for outstanding work.
  • Helping workers organise their efforts toward essential goals.

Yet motivational programs also have their limits. Most research indicates that the effects of a motivational program are temporary. They can get your team moving in the short term, but they cannot fix long-term problems like lack of skills or lack of a clear career path within the company.

When a Motivational Program Won’t Help

A motivational program might not help if:

  • You’re seeing consistent turnover or high turnover rates.
  • Your team lacks essential skills.
  • Communication issues on your team lead to missed deadlines, repeated mistakes, interpersonal conflict, and other issues.
  • Your team members are showing signs of burnout.

In these cases, a motivational program cannot address the underlying issues causing a lack of motivation. Such a program may even make some problems worse because it looks like leadership doesn’t understand or care about the actual problems.

Steps Beyond a Motivational Program

If you have a strong team that just needs a little pick me up, a motivational program might be the right choice. If your problems run deeper, however, it’s time to consult an expert.

Your recruiting partner can help you understand the deep causes of problems like high turnover, lack of skills, and worker burnout. With a clear understanding of the issues, you and your recruiter can work together to build a staffing strategy that addresses these problems and lays a foundation for a more productive and motivated team.

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