Why Third-Party Logistics Solutions Are Essential for Ontario Companies

Business is more complex than ever. A lightning-speed digital world, an ever-increasing web of regulations, workers with busy lives, and a host of global concerns all combine to make the work world one of great opportunity, but also great challenges.

Ontario companies seeking to get everything done while also freeing time to focus on their core tasks need a third-party partner for logistics. Here’s why:

Third-party logistics allow companies to scale while controlling costs.

A third-party logistics provider offers many of the same services as fulfilment centres. These services include warehousing, inventory management, shipping and receiving, picking and packing, kitting and customization, and returns.

As a small business grows, so do the orders its team needs to fill. A third-party option allows the team to focus on core business tasks, confident that orders are being addressed by the third-party logistics partner.

Third-party logistics can be mixed and matched to meet business needs.

Partnering with a third-party logistics solution isn’t an all or nothing endeavor. Rather, these solutions can be mixed and matched to tailor to the growing business’s exact needs. As the business expands, it can add new third-party services as needed to ensure it’s meeting the needs of its customers.

When a third-party handles logistics, your team can focus on other matters.

Have a rush season or a sudden influx of new orders? With a third-party logistics partner, you don’t need your core team to abandon its everyday tasks in order to pack boxes. Instead, these team members can focus their skills on the work they do best, while a logistics provider lends their expertise to the logistics of the business.

In this way, third-party logistics providers help companies control staffing costs, even during rush seasons or periods of rapid growth. Payroll budgets can focus on key skills required for business growth, even as that growth pushes toward rapid changes.

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