3 Myths (and 3 Truths) About Working With a Staffing Company During Your Job Search

Finding a new job can be overwhelming. The Internet has made it easier than ever to find new job openings and connect with companies, but it has also created a flood of job postings and options that can feel impossible to sort through.

What’s the solution? Some job-seekers turn to staffing companies – but many turn away, because they’ve heard things about staffing companies that sound compelling. Yet not all these stories are true.

Here are three common myths about working with a staffing company and the truths behind them.

Myth #1: You’ll pay your staffing company to find you a job.

When it’s not clear how staffing companies make a living, stories arise to explain it. One of these stories is that job-seekers pay staffing companies to find them a job.

Truth #1: Staffing companies are paid by companies that seek their help, not by job-seekers.

Staffing companies make connections between two groups: Companies that need talent and job-seekers that want to put their skills to work. When a staffing company makes that connection between a company and a job-seeker, the company pays for the assistance.

Myth #2: Staffing companies don’t care which job they put you in.

Some job-seekers reach out to a staffing company, only to find the job they eventually accept is not the job they wanted. Unsure how to solve the problem, they blame staffing companies.

Truth #2: A staffing company’s livelihood depends on getting job matches right.

Staffing companies depend on having a strong reputation for matching candidates to open roles and companies where they can thrive. A staffing company that consistently makes poor matches soon finds that nobody wants their “help” – and for good reason. The more you can tell your staffing company about the type of work and workplace environment you want, the easier it is for your staffing company to make an excellent match.

Myth #3: Any job a staffing company can find, you can find on your own.

The Internet is full of job openings – more than any one person could apply to in a lifetime. As a result, it’s easy to assume that staffing companies are shopping among the same job openings you are, and that you can find what they find if you look hard enough.

Truth #3: Staffing companies often know of openings that aren’t posted.

There may be millions of job postings online, but not every open role can be found on the Internet. Staffing companies, however, have the inside scoop with local companies. They know when a role may be opening up, or when leaders don’t want to launch a search but are happy to consider the right candidate. A staffing company can make a connection you might never make otherwise.

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