Here’s the Reason You’re Struggling to Find Workers in 2022

Recent news headlines have seemed to spell trouble for employers. Talk of the “Great Resignation” and other job-related struggles imply that companies simply can’t find the people they need to get the job done.

Yet job-seekers haven’t disappeared. Unemployment rates remain low, indicating that working-age people are on the job. People are working – so why aren’t they working for you?

Here are the top three reasons Ontario companies are struggling to find talent:

Candidates can’t figure out why they should work for you instead of someone else.

The key question in any business deal is “What’s in it for me?” Yet companies that excel at asking this question of their affiliates or suppliers may forget that job-seekers are asking it too.

If your job postings list identical hours, duties, and benefits as postings from your direct competitors, job-seekers have no reason to be interested in the role – or even to remember that you posted an opening.

Instead, candidates gravitate toward job postings that give a sense of the company’s culture and work environment, even if the duties and benefits are similar. A strong employment brand is a must for employers seeking to stay top of mind for candidates.

You don’t have a way to connect to “passive” candidates.

Low unemployment rates suggest that available talent is already working. In other words, companies with open roles can’t assume that the talent they need is unemployed. Instead, companies must assume the talent they need is already working – and that these skilled individuals just don’t know yet that they’d be a better fit for your team.

A recruiter can help you target these “passive” candidates. These candidates won’t search the job ads themselves, but they will respond to a personalized conversation with a familiar colleague, like a staffing partner.

Companies aren’t using the resources they have.

Many HR professionals feel that they have “tried everything” to find qualified candidates. When your internal resources are exhausted, however, it’s time to search for new solutions.

A relationship with a recruiter is a powerful way to turn hiring struggles into hiring success. Your recruiter can help you develop a plan to attract candidates and connect with talent that offers a great fit for your team.

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