3 Reasons to Accept a Temp-to-Hire Job Offer

If you’ve been looking for work for a while, there’s a good chance you might feel ready to accept nearly anything. Yet a temp-to-hire offer might still give you pause. What’s involved in a temp-to-hire position? Can you rely on the work? Should you accept the offer?

Here are three reasons to say yes to a temp-to-hire job offer.

You get to audition the role in person – and get paid for it.

No matter how many questions you ask, reviews you read, or tours you take, the truth remains: You will never really know what a job and team are like until you work with them day to day.

In a temp-to-hire position, you gain the ability to “audition” the role and team. During the temp period, you can take your time to determine whether the job, company, and co-workers are the right fit for you and your goals. Best of all, you’re being paid to decide whether this company is right for you.

You gain control over your own job future.

Companies often make a position temp-to-hire when they aren’t certain what the role entails, how it fits into the existing team, or what skills are really required on the job.

When you fill a temp-to-hire position, you influence the company’s eventual answer to all of these questions. You help shape the role’s daily duties and its coordination with existing teams, based on the skills you bring to the job and the skills you develop while working. A temp-to-hire position can be a powerful opportunity to create the job you want.

You’re building skills and connections – no matter what you choose.

Unsure whether you’ll say “yes” to a long-term hire, but willing to give the temporary work a shot? Congratulations – you’ve created a win-win situation for yourself.

Whether or not you decide to stay long-term, a temp-to-hire position gives you the opportunity to learn new skills, see how another company handles day-to-day challenges in your field, and expand your professional network. You’re building skills and connections that will move your career forward.

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