How to Find Trustworthy Temporary Employees for Your Business

The right temporary employees can save time, money, and effort. Whether they’re present to address a seasonal rush or to take on a specialized project, your temp staff can be as essential as your core team.

Yet your temp staff must be as trustworthy as your core team, too. Here’s how to find trustworthy temporary staff who will support your business with the same dedication as your core employees.

Target your recruitment efforts to your ideal employee – temporary or otherwise.

What does your ideal temporary worker do all day? What skills does this person have? How do they interact with their teammates? What will they do when their supervisor isn’t looking?

Create a persona of your ideal temporary, contact, or temp to hire staff member. When creating job listings, connecting to your networks, and talking to your recruiter, refer to this persona. This is the person you want to target in all your communications.

Include your current staff in your temp staff search. 

Referrals from current employees are a great way to find new talent that shares your core team’s values and ethics – whether those new hires are temporary staff or are on board for the long term. Referral bonuses help encourage current staff to make recommendations.

Asking for referrals also creates accountability. A staff member who refers a friend or colleague for a temp job won’t want to be known as the person who let a cheat, sneak, or loafer in the door. Use these existing relationships to help team members hold one another accountable for better work.

Rely on allies from outside your current team, too.

Your staffing partner specializes in building relationships, which means they also specialize in evaluating behavior and past efforts. To find trustworthy temporary staff, talk to your recruiter about your needs. Describe any problems you’ve had in the past, and identify the skills, experience, and traits you believe are necessary to help your team avoid those issues in the future.

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