The Advantages of Accepting a Contract Position

The global recession is behind us, yet during those years of economic uncertainty, a new trend emerged: Contract jobs became an attractive option for job seekers. This continues, as contract employment represents about one-fifth of all new jobs.

Companies employ temporary contract works for a number of reasons. These include flexibility in scaling the number of employees to company needs and a desire for a trial period before bringing people on board as permanent workers.

Why You Should Take a Contract Job

Contract positions are good for you as a job seeker, as well. Consider these benefits:

  • Contract jobs are not as “temporary” as they used to be. In many cases, if you prove yourself as a valuable contributor, your contract position will be a stepping stone to permanent employment. There are no guarantees, but with an impressive work ethic and the right personality, you can make yourself indispensable to a temporary employer. Arrive early, stay late, take on additional responsibility, and fulfill the goals of the job to the betterment of both your department and your employer. Your work will be noticed.
  • You can expand your professional network. Use your contract position to meet new people and make connections. Research has shown that up to 70 percent of jobs are found through networking. The more connections you have, the greater the likelihood that your resume will be seen by the right people.
  • You can “try before you buy.” This is true for both employers and employees. As a contract worker, you can test out a company and see if the organization and the job are the right fit for you, before a permanent commitment is made.
  • You can sharpen your skills. As a contractor, you can keep your current skills sharp and also acquire new ones. This makes you more marketable in the long run.
  • You will have more control over your schedule. In a contract role, you typically have more flexibility in terms of when you work. For instance, you will not be limited to two weeks’ vacation or to being in the office 40 or more hours a week. In fact, your hourly pay level may be higher, although you sacrifice company benefits. It can be an excellent tradeoff while you find your permanent career direction or balance work with school, family or other commitments.

Partner With a Staffing Agency

By developing a relationship with a staffing agency that specializes in your chosen career field, you can reap numerous benefits. Your recruiter will make you a better job hunter, offering advice on your resume, as well as interviewing, negotiating and other skills relative to your job search strategy. To learn more about how you can become a stronger, more competitive candidate, read our related posts or contact the Employment Professionals Canada team today.