If You Can’t Find Top Employees in Ontario, Your Recruiting Strategy Needs to Change

Your company’s greatest asset is your people. You already know this – but as you continuously improve your recruitment strategy, turn these words into action.

Examine your employer brand and optimize your efforts with innovative practices that identify and attract the right candidates.

It’s more than just a job posting.

Successful recruitment begins long before you post a job opening. Your company brand, social media presence, employee reviews and benefits package have already helped job seekers to decide whether your company is one they would like to join – even before they glance at a job description. In one study:

  • Sixty percent of candidates said they considered an employer’s reputation when applying for jobs.
  • Sixty-eight percent said they would accept a lower salary in order to work for a company that made a great impression on them.

Look carefully at your current recruiting practices. Survey your current top performers and find out what they love about working for you – and what they wish was different.

Optimize the candidate experience.

Treat your top candidate prospects like the VIPS they are. Regardless of whether or not you hire them, they will spread the word about their experience, so make it as positive as possible.

  • Give candidates a pleasant surprise. When you deliver the unexpected, it makes a powerful impression. Ask candidates what constitutes such a surprise and they will probably list relatively simple things, such as an application that’s easy to complete, a job description that is clear and informative, or a recruiter who returns their calls. These may seem like no-brainers, but never underestimate their importance. When job seekers encounter an organization that consistently delivers on these fundamentals, they take notice.
  • Make them feel welcome. When you call a candidate for a final interview, emphasize how excited everyone is to meet them. Take the same approach when they arrive. Roll out the red carpet, even down to such details as offering beverages and ensuring that everyone greets them by name. Give them a “swag bag” of company promotional items. Even if it’s just for an hour or two, offer a shadow session with an existing employee who is already doing the job. This shows an uncommon level of transparency and a genuine effort on your part to ensure a good fit.
  • Demystify your compensation package. After making a verbal offer, follow up with a polished information packet that clearly describes all the elements of the package, such as compensation information, benefits, and continuing education. This is your final sales pitch and a platform for making the candidate’s decision easy.

Retention impacts recruitment.

High turnover is a sign that you’re either hiring the wrong people or not giving the right people a reason to stay. When you’re doing it right, shout that news from the rooftops.

  • If your current retention strategy is working, use that success to your advantage. Find out why your current associates care so much about your company and incorporate that information into your recruitment practices.
  • Share your awesome retention rate. Candidates are doing more advance research on employers than ever before. Be sure they get this critical information.

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