5 Resume Tips for 2022

If you’re still relying on the resume advice you learned in high school, you’re probably behind the times – even if high school was only a few years ago.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to think about life, work, and hiring in new ways.

Here are five pre-pandemic resume trends that have become rules to live by in 2022.

1. Trade in your objective for your experience. 

The classic “objective” section told employers what the resume’s owner was looking for. Yet employers are more interested in what you can do. 

Replace your “objective” section with a summary of your skills and experience. Interest employers in what you can do, so they’ll call you for an interview – where you can talk about what you want face to face.

2. Don’t think “what was I assigned?” but “what did I achieve?”

It’s easy to recreate your daily to-do list under each past employer. Yet this list only tells employers what your boss told you to do. It doesn’t tell them what you actually did.

Instead, reframe each of your past job tasks as an achievement. Attach numbers whenever possible: “On a team of two, cleaned a 1500-square foot industrial kitchen nightly,” “Reduced department costs by 16 percent,” or “Produced 1,000 words a day of technical prose.”

3. Don’t waste a single line. 

Digital formats have made the one-page rule less important. Yet attention spans haven’t increased – which means it’s still vital to get the most important information front and center.

Delete work that isn’t relevant to the job you’re applying for. Leave off awards or hobbies unless they’re directly applicable. And skip the “References provided upon request” line entirely.

4. Proofread, proofread, proofread.

A lot of resume advice has aged poorly – but this old gem still shines. Double- and triple-check your resume for errors.

After all, would you hire someone who promised to be “detale-oreinted” and “focused on perfekshun”?

5. Get a second opinion. 

Every editor knows that if you stare at a document long enough, you’ll start to wonder if you’re even looking at words. Trust a colleague or a recruiter to take a second look at your resume. There’s a good chance they’ll spot things you missed.

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