What Do Potential Employees REALLY Look for in a Company? Find Out Here

The Great Resignation left countless employers baffled. Why were their people leaving? If their own teams didn’t want to work there anymore, what could they offer candidates to convince them to take the open roles?

Compensation still matters to workers. Yet it’s not the only way a company can attract top talent.

Here’s how workers are thinking about their careers and the workplace – and how employers can respond effectively.

1. Your teams want respect and support.

For many professionals, the “great resignation” was driven by a sense that their current employer did not respect their work. A common example? Employers didn’t provide the resources, information, or support workers needed for success in their roles.

Employers that provide scaffolding and supports for success communicate that the work they do matters – and so do the people who do that work. Training, education, and a real path toward advancement are essential to job candidates.

2. Workers expect permanent flexibility.

The pandemic proved what many professionals already suspected: The traditional nine-to-five workday has outlived its usefulness. Over half of workers looking for a new job today are doing so because their current employer doesn’t offer flexible work options.

Remote work, flexible schedules, and unlimited PTO policies all allow workers to arrange their schedules to optimize their own energy levels, attention and focus, and achievement. Forcing workers into a predetermined schedule is a good way to alienate top candidates.

3.  Workers want to protect their health – and they want their employers to want that, too. 

Healthy workers are more productive. They’re less distracted by illnesses, injuries, or stress. They’re better able to engage while on the job, and they recover more quickly when a seasonal cold or a pulled muscle interrupts their daily lives.

About 50 percent of current employees wish their employer invested more attention in worker well-being. This investment includes focusing on physical, mental, and financial health and wellness.

A focus on employee health and well-being supports more engaged workers. It also demonstrates that the company cares about its employees’ long-term health and success.

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